What experience – professionally or politically – do you have that would prepare you for this position?

I am extraordinarily proud of the accomplishments of this past term. We had an extremely ambitious agenda three years ago and solved many of the bigger issues facing our community. We revised the controversial 2015 Comprehensive Plan “Destination Colleyville” to return to our historical residential density calculations and definitions, we eliminated the city profit on resident’s water bills which was effectively a hidden tax, we reduced the property tax rate for three straight years for the first time in city history in order to help our residents mitigate appraisal increases, we fixed roads all over town that were neglected for too long, and most importantly successfully advanced comprehensive ethics and transparency city charter reforms including Term Limits that passed by a huge 87% – 13% margins in the largest election in city history. Lastly, we made purposeful and deliberate changes to the culture at City Hall to reflect the “Citizen First” model. These changes included a talent infusion including our outstanding City Manager, Jerry Ducay that have resulted in the highest service levels Colleyville residents have ever experienced. Our amazing staff is a huge reason that we were able to successfully navigate the Colleyville Blvd. re-development while growing our tax base 4% in 2018.

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