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Tammy and her husband, Yuki, chose Colleyville as the place to raise their two children over 15 years ago. In that time, Tammy has been deeply involved in the community, from her children’s school to the Chamber, she has poured herself into Colleyville. “Tammy Nakamura is an altruistic powerhouse” is how Rita Goodner described Tammy when nominating her for the Shining Stars award. Tammy started volunteering as a teenager and simply expanded her horizons into adulthood, while raising a family and building a thriving business. Tammy's community leadership is vast and includes support of the American Cancer Society (board member), American Heart Association (board member and fundraising chair), Colleyville Woman’s Club (activist and fundraiser Chair), The Arts League and Arts Council Northeast, GRACE Gala and Advisory Board, Colleyville Chamber Citizen of the Year (’12), PTA’s at Crosstimbers, Glenhope, and GHS, Football and Cheerleader Booster Club (President), and countless other positions. With over 36 years of volunteerism, Tammy has provided significant and crucial support for the many agencies she’s championed.

“Tammy is high-energy and her enthusiasm is infectious! She inspires others and attracts legions of volunteers to her various causes where she uses her professional background in public relations, marketing and advertising to create successful projects. Not only does she provide countless volunteer hours, she also ensures the financial viability of the numerous fundraising projects she chairs through personal sponsorships and sponsorships of numerous friends in the business community. Tammy Nakamura is quite simply "a dream volunteer."

Tammy has been a business owner for 29 years. She owned and operated Chammeyville Junction Car Washes for 15 years and currently owns Accent on You Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medi Spa with her husband Yuki Nakamura, M.D. She currently is President of Natico Management Company.

Now Tammy has her eyes set on keeping Colleyville the same destination city which brought her and Yuki here 15 years ago. With her vast relationships, project oversight experience and attention to detail, Tammy will bring City Hall’s focus back to what made Colleyville great – the citizens and our great community. Tammy looks forward to earning your vote this May 7th.




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